Ambassador Therapy Dog Teams

Sunny"Sunny - When you first meet Sunny, you can't help but fall in love with him. He is a super sweet guy that that truly loves everybody he meets. It is clear that he loves with all his heart. Sunny is a Black / Chocolate Labrador mix. His previous family gave him up for adoption because their home was being foreclosed on. They had brought Sunny to a shelter where he had only 5 days to get adopted or he would be euthanized.

Because of his totally loving personality he won over the hearts of the shelter staff so much so they did everything they could to save him. They moved him from area to area so no one would know he was past the 5 day limit. They did everything they could to ensure that a rescue organization could temporarily adopt him and ultimately find Sunny a forever home. Even a couple of pilots came to Sunny's rescue. Once a rescue organization had committed to taking Sunny, the pilots volunteered their plane and their time. They flew Sunny to an airport in Florida so he could be transported to the rescue organization while he waited to find his new home.

SunnyWithin a very short period of time Sunny found his forever home with AmondaRose, Tony and Angel (his Sister with Fur) in February 2012. It was love at first sight. You could instantly see how Sunny felt right at home with his new family. It was like he knew he was going to have one heck of an awesome life including playing on the beach, an abundance of toys and lots of snuggling on the couch with his family.

Thanks to the recommendation of Sunny's new vet, his family quickly realized Sunny had what it took to be an amazing therapy dog and to share his love with a lot of people. Within a few weeks, Sunny started his Therapy Dog Training and he became AKC CGC Certified and is registered therapy dog with Therapy Dogs, Inc and Humane Society of the Treasure Coast.

SunnySunny has a clear purpose and it's to ensure that everyone feels loved. Being a Therapy Dog is one of the best ways for him to do just that. When people meet Sunny for the first time, they can instantly see that he was born to be a Therapy Dog and that he is here to ensure that you have a "Sunny" smile on your face!

"Buddy" Dutta - Please welcome "Buddy" Dutta to the TADSAW AMBASSADOR THERAPY DOG PROGRAM. Buddy has his CGC and is affiliated with TD Inc. out of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

He has worked diligently for several years with wounded warriors, as well as deploying troops. He is an asset to the program and to the warriors as they reintegrate upon their return from Afghanistan.








Whisper, a gorgeous golden retriever, lives in Ft. Worth, Texas with her family. She is Therapy Dogs International and TADSAW certified. Miss Whisper primarily visits with warriors and is present to welcome home those returning from combat at the USO Welcome Home Events.
She went to West, TX in the aftermath of the disaster there to comfort small children, firefighters, and she was present at the funeral for the firefighters that lost their lives to save others. This team of Whisper and Teresa King is unbeatable! We are most pleased to welcome them to the Ambassador Therapy Dog team.

Teresa King lives on a ranch just outside of Dallas, TX with her husband David King, DVM. Currently they have five dogs. They also have llamas, and one horse named Walker who thinks he is a big dog. Teresa is a Registered Veterinary Technician, a certified Master Dog Trainer, an approved AKC CGC Tester and STAR puppy tester, and has many years of experience working in the fields of Obedience, Detection K9, Search & Rescue, and Therapy work with dogs. Teresa also has experience training and handling dogs for competition obedience, agility, tracking, hunt tests, earthdog, conformation, and herding.

As a locator for MWDs (Military Working Dogs) and Detection K9s, Teresa has used her skills in evaluating both rescues and owner surrendered dogs for a working career in the fields of Narcotics, Explosives, or Arson Detection K9s. Teresa also provides annual classes for the public to train dogs for AAT / Therapy work and at the end of the session they are tested through TDI to become Certified Teams, giving back all over the Metroplex area. Through her own company, Valor K9, she also teaches classes for Veterans and First Responders wanting to train their personal dogs for Therapy Work or as Psychological Assistance Dogs when appropriate.

In 2011, the Kings found themselves in the unique opportunity to rescue a German Shepherd whose owner was deployed to OEF, not knowing the dog had been put in jeopardy. They did not know this soldier, but the dog needed immediate intervention and it was just the right thing to do. This dog lived with them until the soldier came home a year later, when they were reunited at Ft. Carson, CO in 2012.

Teresa and her Golden Retriever “Whisper” have been a strong team for six years, competing together and also providing comfort care to Veterans through their therapy work and educational classes. Whisper has visited those currently in service through Welcome Home a Hero (USO) at the DFW International Airport, and most recently she is being used in West, Texas for children and adults alike seeking comfort after the recent explosion.

Sukhoi (Sukhoi Decoy Storm) is a Labrador Retriever who trained for 7 years in Search and Rescue. He started his training at an early age in Alaska learning how to work in avalanche searches, introduction to human remains detection and introduction to water searches as well as eventually being credentialed in wilderness air scent searches. Over the years he and his human have trained with a total of 5 different search teams as his human was transferred by the Coast Guard. He has had opportunities to learn from some excellent canine search and rescue mentors with teams in Virginia, Kentucky and Louisiana.

Sukhoi is seeking to broaden his experiences by transitioning to therapy dog work. He holds a Canine Good Citizen, is credentialed through Therapy Dogs, International and is to become a TADSAW Ambassador Dog because he believes in the valuable work that the TADSAW dogs do in support of their wounded warriors.

Kelsie, a TADSAW AMBASSADOR THERAPY DOG, from San Antonio, TX was born in Canada. She was sent to San Antonio’s Guide Dogs of Texas to become a guide dog for the visually impaired. She was placed in Dominguez State Prison with a handpicked offender for 8 months. It was here she was taught basic obedience.

She then went into a foster home for several months, where she learned manners and how to get out into the world and be a good girl. She went into formal training where it was discovered she had a distraction issue that would not allow her to become a service dog.

She was then put on a re-home list and was awarded to Patsy Swendson, Executive Director of a Therapy Dog Program called PENNY’S FROM HEAVEN FOUNDATION, INC. Kelsie to this day works solely with our wounded warriors returning from combat at the Warrior Family Support Center, The VA Polytrauma Unit (one of only five internationally), the multiple Fisher Houses in San Antonio, Laurel Ridge, and anyplace a warrior might need her. She has also worked with the children of deployed parents, parents returning with severe burns or amputations and parents who have made the ultimate sacrifice. She also makes multiple public appearances for speaking engagements weekly, with a focus on PTSD, TBI and MST.

KELSIE is certified with TDInc. and has her CGC certification through the American Kennel Club. She is a soft dog that loves to snuggle or play ball. Whatever pleases the warrior is what she wants to do. They love her and find peace and comfort in her presence, whether snuggling on a sofa watching football or teaching her new tricks on the patio.

Kelsie and ambassador therapy dog with TADSAW.

"The Colonel" or as most call him Colonel was a stray wondering the streets of San Antonio. He was hit by a car and left to die. His rear leg was severely crushed. He was picked up by ACS (Animal Control Services) and taken to the shelter to be euthanized. A local German Shepherd rescue group was called about him and they immediately picked him up and got him veterinary care. The leg was too badly injured to save and was ultimately amputated. Once healthy, he was ready for a home.

Little did anyone know this dog would be the prototype for the TADSAW AMBASSADOR THERAPY DOG PROGRAM. Colonel has comforted children of the warriors, families, and the warriors themselves, who find it extraordinary that he can get around as well as he does with only three legs. Colonel has met Generals, Chaplains, and hundreds of warriors. He loves to be petted and lays down on the floor and simply waits for the next wounded warrior to pet him. Colonel lives in Seguin, TX with his owner and our Program Director, Bart Sherwood. The Colonel visits with the dogs fostering at the ranch, next in line to begin training with 'their' warrior. The Colonel is a soft and gentle dog and no matter where he goes, people always ask when he will be coming back. He accompanies Bart on all of is speaking engagements and outreach programs. He is a star in his own right...this dog that nobody wanted.


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