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Our mission is to provide for the training of a Service Dog, as designated by the Americans with Disabilities ACE (ADA) guidelines, for any wounded warrior, active duty or veteran, surviving with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/Syndrome, Military Sexual Trauma, and/or Traumatic Brain Injury, in order to improve the warriors' quality of life with a canine 'Battle Buddy', at no charge to the warrior.

(TAX ID# 45-4556055) and all donations are tax exempt to the extent allowed by law.
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It takes an extraordinary amount of financial and volunteer resources to train a service dog for a warrior.
With your help warriors with the invisible injury of PTSD/TBI can be provided with a TADSAW SERVICE DOG.


Platinum Benefactor ~ $30,000.00 and up ~ provides sponsorship of a minimum of 20 TADSAW SERVICE DOG TEAMS.

Gold Sponsor ~ $22,000.00 ~ provides sponsorship of 12 TADSAW SERVICE DOG TEAMS

Silver Sponsor ~ $12,000.00 ~ provides sponsorship of 6 TADSAW SERVICE DOG TEAMS

Bronze Sponsor ~ $10,000.00 ~ provides sponsorship of 4 TADSAW SERVICE DOG TEAMS

Full Sponsorship ~ $2.500.00 ~ provides training for 1 TADSAW SERVICE DOG TEAM ~ $2,500.00
This includes training, tools and equipment, such as service dog jacket, patches, kennel, grooming veterinary medical care and more, necessary to become a certified Service Dog Team.

Donations may be pledged to be paid now, monthly, quarterly or annually.
Donations may be matched by a company or a foundation. Form will be forwarded.

Contributions may be made in honor of or in memory of a particular person or pet. Acknowledgment will be sent with an autographed copy of Pockets of Peace.

Gifts may be made anonymously, if desired.

TADSAW is honored to use any denomination contribution to go toward improving the quality of life for a wounded warrior by providing him/her with a service dog.

TRAIN A DOG ~ SAVE A WARRIOR is a not for profit 501 (c) (3) organization.
EIN # 45-4556055

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Platinum Benefactor ~ $30,000.00 and up
Gold Sponsor ~ $22,000.00
Silver Sponsor ~ $12,000.00
Bronze Sponsor ~ $10,000.00
Full Sponsorship ~ $2.500.00
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It is said that time is a great healer, and so is a dog close by the side of a wounded warrior. Thomas Holcroft said it perfectly, "The past is a guide post, not a hitching post." These warriors facing the horrors of PTSD with a dog by their sides just might find the path out a little brighter, the journey a little less frightening, and the nights less tortured and bitter. We are all afraid of fear, we're afraid of becoming afraid, scared of being scared. Fears can escalate into terror. And terror into paralyzing inertia. But Kingsley won't accept that. He is already trained to put his foot on the foot of 'his' soldier to bring him back to reality, making fear a mere blip on the radar screen. Kingsley is like a boy scout, always ready to take over. He is being trained to be prepared. For fear requires action and this dog with the white cross on his chest knows just what to do.

Fear, for at least one wounded warrior with PTSD, might find itself retreating. And a soldier might find himself not shaking, when a paw on his foot delivers a message of safety and comfort from a black dog nobody wanted.

"One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life.
That word is love."


TAX ID NUMBER ~ 20-5403530
501 (C) (3)

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